The Good Food Show

Gosh, I feel a bit like Royalty saying this was my first official engagement!  I went to the Good Food Show at the invitation of New World Appliances who were exhibiting there; it is somewhere that as a Londoner I might not otherwise put in my diary, though it takes me no longer to get to Birmingham than to Excel (which is the other side of London to me).  But there seem to be a lot of food shows now and you simply can’t go to them all, even if like me you love getting new ideas and seeing celebrity chefs in action.

New World Appliances at the Good Food Show

I had a quick look round the producer’s village before making my way over to the Belling/NewWorld/Stoves stand.  It was an unexpected delight to meet Ruth Clemens who writes  The Pink Whisk blog and was runner up in the 2010 Great British Bake-Off.

Ruth Clemens - The Pink Whisk

She was happily making Mince Pies which just HAPPENED to be ready as I went round to where she was cooking.  They were delicious, with a kind of crumble topping and Philadelphia Cream Cheese adding a moist creaminess.

Mince Pies at the Good Food Show

Then back to watch Brian Turner doing a cookery demonstration.  You probably know him as one of the chefs on Ready Steady Cook and the lovely people at Belling and New World Appliances had challenged him to do something similar for the Good Food Show.

Brian Turner at the New World Appliances Stand

So, he was presented with Venison Haggis, Duck Breast, Chocolate Wine, Jazz Apples and a few other goodies gathered from around the show.  And then given just 20 minutes to come up with something fantastic.

Brian Turner at the Good Food Show

Well, I didn’t envy him in that!  And, amazingly, he managed to produce not just one dish but several.  How about these yummy apple filled pancakes for example.

Apple Pancakes and Induction Hob

Or this duck with mushrooms in chocolate wine sauce.

Duck with Mushrooms and chocolate wine sauce

I had a bit of a nose around the stand and spotted the fantastic colour skinned New World Appliances integrated ovens.  It’s a little sad that my photo doesn’t really show the colours in their full glory, they are subtle, like jewels, and the lighting at the show makes it very hard for a novice photographer like me to take a great picture of them

New World Appliances Ovens

I took a look at the display of induction hobs – I have a secret yearning for one – they are an incredibly safe way to cook because they never feel hot to the touch and they are one of the most energy efficient ways to cook because the heat ONLY goes through the pan, not up and around the side!

Wormesley Dressings

I really loved the producer’s village.  I loitered for quite a while at the Wormseley stand.  They are much loved by bloggers, partly for their rather fabulous bottles, but MOSTLY because their products are really quite special and can lift an ordinary dish into the sublime.  And I trialled a lot of the products on the Orkney foods stand and came home with quite a few little pots of fish.  They have an unbelievable shelf life of around 3 months in the fridge and can be safely left outside of the fridge for up to 12 hours.  So I now have some rather unusual and interesting dishes for quick meals.  Don’t these olives just make you want to dive in…the show was fully of stands with delicious things to try.

Good Food Show Birmingham

Holding the Good Food Show at the NEC has the benefit of providing a LOT of space.  I didn’t get to see everything, but I understand from the exhibitors that it’s a bit more cost effective than some of the London shows.  That meant there were some small British exhibitors I haven’t seen before.  I had a lovely day out, went home with some goodies and really enjoyed watching Brian Turner demonstrating how to make something wonderful from some VERY diverse ingredients!



Welcome to the New World Appliances blog. Over the next few months I’m going to be writing about some of the food, design and lifestyle things I get involved with and hope to introduce you to some great ideas.

New World Cooker
I’m planning a ‘quick and easy’ meals section, reviews of the food shows and design events I go to and talks with designers and fashionistas about emerging trends and things they believe you should think about to make your house into a real home. Oh, and I’ll be reporting back on how I get on with my suite of New World Appliances!

Last year I feel as if I went to every food show possible. That included the Foodies events at Battersea and Hampton Court, the Real Food Show, Taste London and the Boscastle Food and Crafts show. Were they good? Well – it all depends what you are looking for. And I went to some rather special fashion events like the Matches and Daily Telegraph show and got some great previews of fashion trends. I got to Grand Designs at Excel but missed out on the Ideal Home show this year.

What were the emerging trends from the shows? All the food shows, but especially the Boscastle show and the Real Food Show were focussing on Carbon Neutral living, energy efficiency and using local products. The fashion and design events seemed to have a ‘colour’ trend. Either using strong colours as accent or going all the way!

Let me know if there’s anything you want to know more about.