Welcome to the New World Appliances blog. Over the next few months I’m going to be writing about some of the food, design and lifestyle things I get involved with and hope to introduce you to some great ideas.

New World Cooker
I’m planning a ‘quick and easy’ meals section, reviews of the food shows and design events I go to and talks with designers and fashionistas about emerging trends and things they believe you should think about to make your house into a real home. Oh, and I’ll be reporting back on how I get on with my suite of New World Appliances!

Last year I feel as if I went to every food show possible. That included the Foodies events at Battersea and Hampton Court, the Real Food Show, Taste London and the Boscastle Food and Crafts show. Were they good? Well – it all depends what you are looking for. And I went to some rather special fashion events like the Matches and Daily Telegraph show and got some great previews of fashion trends. I got to Grand Designs at Excel but missed out on the Ideal Home show this year.

What were the emerging trends from the shows? All the food shows, but especially the Boscastle show and the Real Food Show were focussing on Carbon Neutral living, energy efficiency and using local products. The fashion and design events seemed to have a ‘colour’ trend. Either using strong colours as accent or going all the way!

Let me know if there’s anything you want to know more about.




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