Appliances Online get Colourful!

Appliances Online really do seem to love the New World Colours Collection.  Apart from running a competition on facebook where you can win an oven and hob, Becky Yardley has been commissioning Bloggers and Illustrators to show what’s best about the world in Colour!

Here’s her article and a bit about the Rainbow Cookery Book she comissioned.

The Rainbow Recipe Book 

To celebrate the New World Colours collection, we asked six food bloggers to create a colourful recipe for an online rainbow cookbook. We’ve then passed these imaginative inventions onto six illustrators to interpret in their own creative style. You can see the results below, with more detailed recipe instructions on each chef’s blog. So why not try one or two out this week and let us know how you get on!

Blue Cheese Gratin

Recipe by Clare from Seasider in the city. Illustrated by Katie from Sugarpatch

Green Lime Cheesecake

Recipe by Helen from Jessies Crazy kitchen. Illustrated by Lauren from Tastes like Love.

La Pizza Rossa

Recipe by Hannah from Home Baked Online. Illustrated by John N4Sketchpad.

Mango Lassi

Recipe by Solange from PebbleSoup. Illustrated by Jack Knight at Knight time Creations.

Meatloaf Cupcakes

Recipe by Mike from Mikes Baking. Illustrated by Claire from Aspergers Info.

Raspberry Tart

Recipe by Emma at Kitchen Goddess in Training. Illustrated by Dina at She loves mixtapes.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this project, we think it looks great!

What’s your favourite recipe?  And would you ever co-ordinate your food to your kitchen?  I know that at certain times of the year we do ‘colour theme’ our food a bit (think about christmas with all that red and green icing on a white background, or valentines day when there’s a real surfeit of pink).  It could be quite a challenge don’t you think?



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