This Week in Food

We hope you enjoy this week’s round-up of our favourite foodie news! Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments, or on Facebook or Twitter.

1. Here’s a tasty spring recipe to try this weekend – baked sole and asparagus, from the Guardian. Baking is one of our favourite ways to cook a lovely piece of sole, and this is a perfect light weekend recipe. Just follow the link!

2. We quite fancy trying a papple over the coming days… what’s a papple, you ask? A papple is a new fruit that’s just gone on sale at Marks and Spencer – a cross between two pear varieties (European and Asian) that looks and tastes like an apple! Apparently the fruit has the texture and the skin of a pear, and it’s being called a T109 fruit until it’s official name can be decided. We quite like papple!

3. It’s National Sandwich Week! What’s your very favourite variety? The Independent has asked a few foodies what their favourites are but we’re interested in what you stick between your slices. If you’re stuck for inspiration, here’s one of our favourite open sandwich recipes from BBC Good Food:

4. It’s nearly time for the Jubilee and we’re planning on celebrating and whipping up all kinds of tasty treats over the long weekend – Jubilee chicken, English breakfast quiche, Beef Wellington and our very favourite, this rich Pearly Queen chocolate cake!  This recipe makes 16 little cakes, and the edible pearls and buttons make them look gorgeous!


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