This Week in Food

Hello and welcome to this week’s round-up of our favourite recent foodie news! Have you seen any interesting stories, or tried anything exciting recipes this week? Let us know in the comments!

1. A new survey by charity LEAF (Linking Environment and Food) has revealed that fewer than half of young adults in the UK don’t know that butter comes from dairy cows, and a third weren’t aware that eggs came from hens. Truly shocking! Two thousand people were questioned as part of the research, and other findings include that more than 30% don’t know where bacon comes from, and 7% linked milk with wheat. The findings highlight just how removed young people are becoming from where their food is sourced from – this calls for a trip to the farm and an allotment!

2. We’re all familiar with a quick tinned tomato soup lunch, but what about trying the perfect homemade recipe? The Guardian’s Felicity Cloake has shared her secrets for what she says is the very best tomato soup recipe, and perfect as a year-round meal. Whether you prefer tinned, roasted or fresh tomatoes and whichever seasonings you fancy, tomato soup makes a tasty, healthy and portable meal that can be served hot or cold (depending on the weather!).

3. Our sister brand Belling’s brand ambassador, chef Brian Turner, has created a selection of tasty Father’s Day recipes to help you celebrate all things Dad this weekend. An alternative to the usual Sunday roast, Brian suggests either saffron-roasted salmon (with warm cannellini bean salad, roasted vine tomatoes and orange and basil sauce), a classic tuna salad nicoise or minted lamb cakes. How are you planning to celebrate this weekend?

4. Tasty gooseberries – part of the same fruity family as the well-loved current – are in season at the moment, and we’ll be making the most out of them with a variety of delicious recipes! We like the look of this gooseberry meringue pie, delicately flavoured with elderflower, and this unusual gooseberry syllabub pavlova. The pavlova meringues can even be made ahead, saving on time later!

5. Monday marks the start of National Picnic Week, so we’ve been hunting for the very best picnic recipes. These chocolate slices, a variation of typical refrigerator cake, make excellent picnic treats while this tortano bread with ham and mushrooms will be hearty and filling picnic fuel.  The Guardian compiled this list of speedy picnic recipes a few years ago, and it’s one of our favourites to refer to now.



One thought on “This Week in Food

  1. I remember twenty years ago when children surveyed in schools didn’t know where a carrot came from. It’s very sad that despite all the food education that has been going on that things seem to be getting worse.

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