This Week in Food

1. We’ve all seen (and probably bought) pre-prepared spice mixes from the supermarket, but have you tried making your own? You can customise the blends to suit your own flavours, or even add and omit ingredients altogether if you’d like! Our favourite that we’ve tried from this E-Cookbook list is a very cinnamon-y cinnamon sugar, made with a dash of hard brown sugar too so it caramelises under the grill. Let us know what your favourite combination is!

2. How do you store your recipes? We spotted this story on The Guardian’s blog this week and it got us thinking about how we can better organise our hoards of clippings and books. Do you have folders, boxes, or a colour-coding system? We’d love to hear your organisational tips!

3. A team of scientists at Leatherhead Food Research have put together the world’s healthiest meal – the ‘supermeal’. The meal includes a range of meals and snacks, all with a host of health benefits such as Omega 3-rich fish, chicken for lean protein and leafy greens to keep carbohydrates in check. The Daily Mail published the whole superfood feast: 4. A New York restaurant has created an extravagant pizza costing a whopping $1,000! The pizza is the creation of Nino Selimaj, owner of Nino’s Bellissima Pizza in Manhattan and is topped with two varieties of caviar (Beluga and Black Russian Royal Sevruga), lobster, crème fraiche, salmon roll, chives and wasabi paste. Mr Selimaj says that the eatery sells around one pizza per week, and that the toppings provide great value for money. We’re not so sure – we’re happy with our homemade veggie supreme on this occasion!

5. A variety of traditional ‘forgotten foods’ – including Grimsby smoked haddock, raw-blood black pudding and Morecombe Bay shrimps – are being revived as part of a campaign by Slow Food UK and Booths supermarket. Locally-grown products have been overshadowed by cheaper varieties, with only a few producers still labouring over the lesser-loved foods, but the Slow Food movement wants to get these fantastic products back into the public eye. A range of ‘forgotten foods’ will be available in Booths’ 28 supermarkets across Lancashire, Cheshire, Cumbria and Yorkshire.


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