This Week in Food

1. Chips, fries or rosti – what’s the best way to do potatoes? You might’ve heard this week that workers at the Olympic site in Straford have successfully overturned a ‘chip ban’ being enforced by McDonalds, which didn’t allow any other caterers on the site to sell chips (unless they were being served with fish). What caught our eye was the Guardian’s breakdown of all things potato including chip shop vs chicken shop chips, what constitutes a ‘fry’ and how it’s best to eat them, and what makes a good roasty. Mmm.

2. We know the past few weeks have been a complete wash-out, but we’re holding on to the hope that we’ll see a proper summer before autumn’s here. We’re keeping hold of Rose Prince’s barbecue recipes just in case! If it’s a traditional American slow-cooked barbecue meal you’re after, pulled pork is our favourite.

3. Now, we love bacon as much as the next person – maybe even more on a Saturday morning, in a roll with ketchup and a cup of tea on the side – but we have to agree with the Guardian that the baconalia trend might’ve gone too far now. Bacon toothpaste? Bacon sundae?! A meat bar has even opened at Shaka Zulu in London, serving bacon-related cocktails. We love smelling bacon sizzling in the morning, but not so sure we’d light a bacon candle.

4. A new survey has revealed that a whopping 30 percent of meat-eaters wouldn’t consider dating a vegetarian, possibly because vegetarians and vegans have developed an undeserved reputation for being fussy eaters. However it seems that vegetarians are much less bothered about their prospective partner’s food choices – so maybe not!


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