As the ‘Face of New World Appliances’ I’m excited to be here, introducing myself to you all. My role is to act as Social Media Ambassador for New World Appliances by writing this blog.

I entered a competition run by New World Appliances in July 2011 and was lucky enough to be shortlisted and then to win the public vote.  As part of my prize I was given a suite of New World Appliances which have replaced some of the rather tired things in my existing kitchen…and also a great new Wine Cooler (something that has been on my personal wish list for a long time!).

I have a slightly eclectic background with a degree in Music, an MBA and experience working for brands like Vodafone, Orange and Lloyds TSB.  I’ve also set up and sold my own dot-com business, in the online dating sector!  Now I work as a freelance consultant in a variety of industry sectors and I blog in my spare time for my own pleasure.  I have a personal blog that I’ve been writing for a few months now called London Unattached.

I’ve now been up to Liverpool and met the team there – and was really impressed to find a UK manufacturing business that was still going strong after well over a hundred years.  My Business School training taught me just how important manufacturing industries are to the Economy and to the future of the UK.

I’m hoping to share ideas with you for food,  design and lifestyle, to report back on emerging industry trends and to give you some ideas on how  New World Appliances are designed for life!


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