Best of British – Scotland

Where DID July go?

Janice at Farmersgirl Kitchen was so good at posting up the summary for Best of British – Scotland.  And, while that was happening, I was desperately trying to get all my work up to date in case I needed to get out of London during the Olympics (I live about 200 yards from Earls Court, which is one of the venues).  And then the Olympics started…and nothing much changed!  So I am still here and gradually getting back to normal again.

So, thank you to Janice for her lovely write up and to New World Appliances for sponsoring Best of British Blogger challenge.

What I’m really enjoying about the challenge is that everyone is writing their own memories of the area.  So, Jill from Lapin D’Or has told us about her time cooking at a shooting lodge and Jaqueline, a Scottish lass currently living in Hong Kong has told us a bit about the weather!

I did read them all as they were sent in, but as I am SO late in doing the roundup I’m not going to write too much other than to mention that we had a couple of late entries that somehow got missed (as well as one from Cornwall last month.  Karen’s agreed they will all go into the draw for Yorkshire, this month’s best of British Challenge – my apologies, it’s generally because I’m forwarding mail from the Best of British email account and getting confused!  So without further ado here’s our taste of Scotland!  What a FEAST!!!

Now the first one to catch my eye was Caroline from Caroline Makes  who sent in Tunnock Teacakes.  Why?  Because when I was little and visiting my Great Aunties,Tunnock Teacakes were always on the table for High Tea.  Don’t they look delicious!

And, for that matter we also had Griddle Cakes, not just at tea time but sometimes as a treat for breakfast too!  If you want to check how to make them, pop over to Karen’s place – Lavender and Lovage (our host for this month’s Best of British Challenge!)

Tattie Scones from Jac at Tinned Tomatoes sound so moreish and comforting.  Perfect for a cold winter’s morning!

I was amazed (again) at Claire at Under the Blue Gum Tree who sent in this fantastic pork and haggis meatloaf.

Apart from anything else, she’s from South Africa…and Haggis is something that anyone from outside Scotland can be quite cautious about!

Kippers with oatckas

My own entry was something I was determined to use, I made oatcakes to go with some fabulous Scottish kippers sent to me by DelishFish, a lovely scottish fish merchant who is based in Petershead and send the freshest imaginable fish down south to people like me!  Now, people are shy of kippers because they can be just a little smelly in a fishy sort of way, but, they are a great breakfast…and if you really don’t like the smell simply poach them in the bag!

Chocolate Scottish Shortbread

I love homemade shortbread.  I do sometimes make my own, but I’ve never ever tried Chocolate Shortbread, so I was intrigued by Janine’s entry and I am sure I’ll be having a go soon!


I also love tablet.  It’s a peculiar Scottish sweet, something a bit like hard fudge.  And now I have two recipes to try – scottish tablet from Ros at the More than Occasional Baker and  secondly from Hungry Hinny who made a rather different but pretty raspberry tablet.  Personally I don’t care if it’s not traditional, the raspberries look REALLY gorgeous!

As I mentioned, Jill at Lapin D’or told us all about her cooking exploits in Scotland and also sent it two great recipes for Skirlie (an oaty savoury side dish) and Selkirk Bannock.

sliced bannock

Scottish mum brought us a traditional Scottish Oatcake recipe, cooking them properly on a Griddle (something I am too much of a coward to do myself).  I love oatcakes and if, like me you cheat and make them in the oven, they are really easy to do.  I am sure the griddle version makes a better version though, these look very neat and would be delicious with cheese, but also as a side dish

Traditional Scottish Oatcakes

Recipes using oats are quite widespread in Scotland because it’s a grain that is better suited to the climate than wheat.  Of course, everyone’s favourite is Cranachan, and Janice made a divine looking iced Cranachan


while Choclette at Chocolate Log Blog made her very own version of cranachan including white chocolate!

Had we been having high tea we would have had a great feast with all the wonderful cakes and bakes .  How about Jacqueline’s Scottish Raspberry and Pinenut Bake,

Best of British - Scottish Raspberry and Pine Nut Bake

Or these lovely Treacle Scones and Parlies from Caroline at Cake Crumbs and cooking.

Treacle Scones


There’s  Whisky and Honey Cake came from Gloria at Canela Kitchen who made this stunning looking cake

Whisky and Honey Cake

And Scottish Whisky Cake from Chris Halfmann at Cooking around the world, who was the lucky winner of last month’s £50 Amazon Voucher.

Scottish Whisky Cake

This month’s challenge is well in progress now, but you’ve still got a couple of weeks to think up and make your Yorkshire Best of British.  For more ideas and a bit about food from Yorkshire, why not check out Karen’s lovely post explaining all about BEST OF BRITISH Yorkshire!

Incidentally, the monthly prize is a random draw.  But at the end of the event we will be judging ALL the entries for a grand prize of £300 in amazon vouchers.  So, enter every month for your best chance of winning!

Best of British – Cornwall

Pasty Wars and More!

What a fabulous set of entries for Best of British Cornwall.  Our host for the month, Choclette at ChocLogBlog produced some unusual and gorgeous looking Cornish Splits – yeasted buns that she served a bit like scones with jam and cream.  Now, true to her name she managed to adapt the recipe to include a bit of chocolate – and not just on the strawberries.  The fat for the buns was a mixture of butter and white chocolate – how yummy does that sound!!!  The recipe is here on her blog if you want to try for yourself

Cornish Splits

We had quite a range of cornish pasty recipes.  My own recipe was my mother’s and while I was quite pleased with the result, Karen at Lavender and Lovage produced a rather more authentic Cornish Pasty with the pretty side crimp I can’t quite manage to do yet!

Annies Cornish Pasties

These lovely pasties from The Hungry Hinny LOOK like the traditional ones, but are a veggie version.  And, so delicious looking that I suspect they are the the sort of veggie dish that would work for a meat eater like Vegetarian Cornish Pasties

And, Chris’s version from his blog, Cooking Around the World  has Guinness and Rosemary – sounds really tasty!

Our final (not quite a pasty) came from Susan at A Little Bit of Heaven on a Plate – She produced this lovely Cornish Pastie Pie!

Cornish Pastie Pie

Now, after all those pasties, you’ll be pleased to know we DID find some more fabulous dishes from Cornwall.

I love this Stargazy Pie, which has come all the way from Cornwall via South Africa courtesy of Under The Blue Gum Tree, who has adapted a Mark Hix recipe. I find sardines poking their head through the pastry slightly freaky…but this version with prawns just looks rather elegant to me.

Janice from FarmersGirl Kitchen,  our Host for this Month’s Scottish ‘Best of British’ Challenge has made a kedgeree with Mackerel that she thinks probably got a lot of exercise and swam round from Cornwall to the West Coast of Scotland;) .  Well, regardless, it’s a great Cornish (and Scottish) ingredient and this is a fabulous kedgeree recipe I’m sure you’ll want to try!

Smoked Mackerel Kedgeree

Karen from Lavender and Lovage also sent us a recipe to use Davidstow Cheddar – a nutty and rather gorgeous Cornish Cheddar that works well on cheeseboard but is also great for using in recipes like this Cheese and Potato Pie.  Real comfort food for a chilly summer evening!

Now, on to dessert!  Cornwall is famous for it’s clotted cream, so parhaps it’s not suprising that we had this lovely Cornish ‘tiramisu’ with Clotted Cream from Chris at Cooking around the World


And Janine from Janine Bakes managed to combine our Best of British Challenge with the Jubilee Celebrations with this lovely Jubilee Celebration Cake using Strawberries and Clotted Cream.

Jubilee Strawberry and Clotted Cream Cake

Beth, from Jam and Clotted Cream was bound to produce something fantastic…and this Honey Cake using honey from a local Cornish producer really does look gorgeous.  I envy her family and friends who got to eat it!

Honey Cake

We had a Golden Entry from the aptly titled Lapin D’Or Blog in the form of these lovely Saffron buns.  There are a lot of saffron cake recipes in Cornwall, and this one looks really beautiful, a pretty pale yellow spiced bun!

Saffron Buns

Finally, our winner (chosen at random, but really rather gorgeous!) was The More Than Occasional Baker who sent in these lovely clotted cream and strawberry tarts and cookies!

Clotted Cream and Strawberry Tarts and Cookies

Best of British

The Best of British Blogger Challenge

Karen Burns Booth from Lavender and Lovage and I have been working on setting up a new challenge covering different regions and areas of the UK.  We are asking bloggers to enter their best interpretation of a recipe or dish which champions the region hosting the challenge each month, this month  Choclette  from Chocolate Log Blog  has kindly agreed to host the event and is looking for THE BEST OF BRITISH CORNWALL –  just think, you could enter Cornish Pasties,  Scones and Cream,  Stargazey pie, Cornish Crab  or anything which you believe shows the Best of British in THAT area.  You don’t have to be local to the region – just willing to try out some regional dishes or create something that showcases some local produce.

Boscastle Harbour Cornwall

We are lucky that New World Appliances as proud BRITISH manufacturers of kitchen appliances are sponsoring this event for the first six months.  Each month, one entrant will be picked AT RANDOM to receive a £50 Amazon voucher.  And, at the end of the six month period we will have a regional showdown, with a judge to pick the best entry (we are still working on who that will be and should be able to announce it shortly).  New World Appliances have kindly offered £300 of Amazon vouchers for the overall winner, so if you enter every month you have 6 chances to win the grand prize!

We’ll be showcasing the entries both on the Face of New World blog and on host blogs and promoting the recipes through Facebook and Twitter, with all your entries fully credited back to your blogs.

So, why not show what you think is the Best of British and join our challenge.


  • Post your recipe on your blog with a link back to  The Face of New World Appliances  and to the relevant month’s host (for May/June it’s Chocolate Log Blog)
  • Add the ‘Best of British’ badge to your blog post (you can find it on London Unattached in the side bar)
  • Add ‘Best of British’ in your blog post as a label or tag
  • The recipe can be one of your own or one you’ve seen elsewhere.  You are welcome to republish old recipes/posts but please add the information about this challenge.
  • Please make sure you don’t infringe any copyright laws – if in doubt please contact me on twitter @fionamaclean, or leave a message below  to ask for advice!
  • Please be as creative as you like with the theme for the month.
  • This month’s challenge starts today (15th May) and closes at midnight on 15th June 2012
  • Mail us to let us know you are taking part on

If you post on twitter, please mention @fionamaclean or @newworldapps and use #BestofBritish and we will try to retweet!

The Best of British Blogger Challenge